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For most of Poppy's new songs people are saying they aren't the best. Which song do you like better?

  • Time Is Up
  • Fashion After All
  • Chic Chick
  • Hard Feelings
  • In A Minute
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I like poppy

Ommmmmg i love her songs and her videos there really cool
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Which leaked snippet is your all time favorite?

  • Everything I Know Is Wrong
  • If U Like
  • Rocket Science
  • Winona Ryder
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What's your favorite Poppy quote?

Mine's "Sing along to a dumb pop song that they play on the radio"
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If you could time travel to any Poppy Era, which one would it be?

  • Moriah Poppy Era
  • That Poppy Era
  • Poppy.Computer Era
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Gospel of Poppy PDF?

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a link of a PDF for The Gospel of Poppy? I really want to read it but I can't buy it right now. If you have/find one please link a safe link below! Thanks!
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Old Poppy

am i the only one who likes Moriah Poppy more than Present Poppy?
ive looked at a lot of stuff from the Moriah Poppy era and i just love it way more than her persona right now. Im sad i havent heard of her back before she deleted everything. i honestly want her to ditch this persona and just start again as Moriah...
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I knew Titanic was a creep, knew it.
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Wayback machine

Hello everyone! As you may know, if you insert Poppy's channel link in WayBack machine, it will say the link was blocked. Well, I found a way to do it! But the oldest version is from september 2013. If you want to know how I did it, and you wanna do it too, follow the next steps. Please do them carefully or else it won't work!!!
1.Go to Poppy's Channel
2.Click on any video
3.When you are on the video page, click Poppy's channel
4.If you did this right, Poppy's URL shouldn't be "thatPoppyTV", and it will be something that starts with "UC", and has lots of numbers.
5.Copy the link and insert it in wayback machine!!
Isn't this great?! Tell me if it worked!
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Poppy Fanon Wiki

Who wants to start a Poppy Fanon Wiki with me? I will need some help :/

link: http://poppy-fanon.wikia.com/?wiki-welcome=1
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Hello, I am an admin on the AURORA Wikia. I was wondering if we could be added as an affiliate and add you as one of ours. We would love to get our wiki growing and someday be as big as this one! <3
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Okay I'm in the hospital for going insane about What happened to Mars Argo like is she dead,missing,alive just please tell every one the truth WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Poppyseeds!!! :)
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Favorite Music Video

What is your favorite music video? Mine is "Beach Blonde Babe"
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Titanic + Poppy Relationship??

I found this image. Thoughts?
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I found this

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Moshi Moshi Music Video Theories

Reply your theory. I'm curious to know.
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Titanic Sinclair wiki

Hello Poppyseeds! About a month ago I founded a wikia called “Titanic Sinclair Wiki” titanicsinclair.wikia.com . It would mean the world to me if some of you helped me with cleanup, page creation and just the whole entire wiki. So far we have 32 pages and we need more! I am making the best helpers administrators. Thank you for your initiative if you’re helping.
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Favorite Poppy Song

What's your favorite Poppy song? Do you like a specific line in it or do you just like the song in general??
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Who's Ready?!?!?!!

Who's ready for Poppy's new song on Monday?!
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