"Like Lovers Do" is an unreleased song by Poppy.

A 22-second snippet was leaked onto SoundCloud. The original leaker also tweeted more lyrics from the song and also on June 26th, 2017 leaked another snippet with the lyrics that they had posted months before the leak. All the snippets can be listened to on here.


From what has been leaked thus far, Like Lovers Do is about Poppy being passive-aggressive to an unnamed boy, mocking him for watching softcore porn, being a feminist and unable to buy a plane ticket because of this manner. Later, she mockingly asks if she is "just [his] type". The boy she sings seems to only use women for sex. Unlike other songs in the Poppy discography, this song deals with mature subject matter.


Softcore porn in a rental car
Only like a boy who could take it hard
So pretty, you hurt my eyes

Now the boy says he's a feminist
That's why he can't buy his own plane ticket
So pretty, you never had to try

Ooh, am I
What you like?
Ooh, am I
Just your type?

Like to think you're in control.
Another girl, another hole, am I being typical?


  • The speculated title by fans was "Am I What You Like?" for a long time before the title was confirmed fake by a leaker and the official was confirmed by a copyright claim.