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Charlotte Quinn also known more as Charlotte, is a character in Poppy's YouTube videos. She is a mannequin who is often accompanied by Plant. Her goal is to get rid of Poppy. She also leaked a snippet of Poppy's song, I'm Poppy.

Charlotte had been seen dressed in a hoodie, with the hood up. This, along with the video "I Am Not Sick", telling us Charlotte had taken some sort of drug and is at the point of addiction. As a part of her addiction, she is shown to be recently neglecting her child.

This is proven by the video "I Thought I Could Trust You", where Charlotte attempts to lie to Plant in order to get money.


  • In earlier videos, she represented a recurring interviewer who would often interview Poppy.
  • She is featured in Poppy’s song My Style.
  • She is the opening act in the Poppy.Computer Tour and the Poppy.Computer Tour Part 2.
  • There was an era of videos where Charlotte would copy Poppy’s videos.

The Charlotte Quin gallery can be found here.

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