"Everybody Wants It All" is an unreleased song by Poppy.


Currently one snippet has been leaked. Titanic Sinclair has claimed that the snippet is fake in a reply to a fan on Twitter, though most fans doubt the statements he has made regarding the song. An uploader can also receive a copyright warning from Island Records if the snippet is uploaded on YouTube.

Some fans believe that the song is sung by Poppy; however, other fans speculate that it is sung by Titanic Sinclair's previous project, Mars Argo, as it fits her theme and vocal style. Mars Argo has also created a video titled "Everybody Wants It All" and coincidentally the length of the video is 3:36.

There are lyrics to this song, but after the word "they" the snippet abruptly cuts out.


Guns gold and control,

Scooping up more than you can hold.

Everybody wants it all.



That Poppy - Everybody Wants It All (Snippet) -Better Quality-

That Poppy - Everybody Wants It All (Snippet) -Better Quality-


  • This song samples an unreleased song by Mars Argo, "Creepshow".