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Lemonade Magazine is an online publication that focuses on reviewing the newest music ranging from rock to country to electro-pop and more, as well as attending concerts and shows regularly to keep in touch with the pulse of live performances.  Initial publication was started by Editor Brandon Enyeart in 2010 and in late 2011, current Vice President Aaron Mannari joined the writing staff. By the end of 2012, Mannari became a managing partner with Enyeart for the site. the team includes writers from around the country included New York, Washington State, Illinois and California that specialize in all types of music from Top 40 to local, indie artists.  

Poppy did an interview with them (transcript below) as well as a podcast (audio on SoundCloud). 


Lemonade Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself, Poppy.

Poppy: I’m originally from Boston and I started getting into music for real when I was about 14, I guess. That was about the time when I moved to Nashville. I moved here, because my dad switched his job and we kind of wanted to start over, so I was like, “Nashville!” And my parents went with it – which was kind of weird – so yeah, we ended up in Nashville.

LM: Well, good choice on your part considering the musical history of the city! What’s it been like for a young artist like you in a city known for music?

Poppy: There’s definitely a lot of country artists, but Nashville is more than that now and over the past few years there has been more of a rock influence, I guess you could say. Competition-wise there has been a lot of snobby girls *laughs* and guys too, some have big egos and that’s cool for them I guess, but I am little different.

LM: I love the original stuff I have heard from you, but what I saw first were your covers of The Black Keys and Young The Giant on YouTube. What bands are really inspiring you right now?

Poppy: It’s funny, I was actually against the whole YouTube thing initially. People were like, “You should make YouTube videos!” and I was like “No, that’s not me!”. But in the short time I have been doing it, it really has given me a lot of opportunities. Random ones that I didn’t even know existed. I definitely like Young The Giant a lot! Their live shows are amazing and I am really into a band called Walk The Moon recently. There’s also another band called Miniature Tigers who I really like too.

LM: Playlist Live was your first live show. How did you manage to get through that?

Poppy: Yeah, it was indeed my first show and there was a ton of people there! I don’t know the exact total, but I think there were four or five hundred people there while I was playing. I only played three songs, but I was really scared. I was trying to play mind games with myself like, “You’re not scared, just think about what you’re going to eat afterwards.” *laughs* So that’s how I got throught it…thinking about the food I was going to eat afterward.

LM: Always good not to eat before, right? Just in case the nerves get to you… *laughs*

Poppy: *laughs* Yeah.

LM: As brand new as you are, the public hasn’t heard most of your originals yet. Can we expect to see any type of release soon?

Poppy: Yeah, definitely. I am going to try and get something out; at least an EP before the end of the year. I like the kind of raw/indie sound, but I do love pop too. So I guess it’s going to be like indie-alternative rock with a touch of pop as well, I like a lot of random stuff.

LM: You’re very active on Twitter. What are some of the upsides and maybe downsides of social networking to you?

Poppy: One of the upsides is that I don’t have a lot of friends and so my followers are like my friends. I have like 450 followers now I think and every time it goes up I am like, “Yay! New friends!” When I went to public school nobody liked me, so I didn’t have many friends. The internet is my friend now. It’s pretty awesome, but kind of lonely at the same time.

LM: What else makes Poppy tick?

Poppy: I like video games. I just played my friend David in Mario Kart and I kicked his butt! I like to skateboard and I do like jujitsu, so that’s some random stuff.

LM: So you have a few ways in which you could kick someone’s butt…

Poppy: Yeah, I can choke people.

LM: Any favorite skateboarders out there?

Poppy: I love Rob Dyrdek! He’s awesome.

LM: Do you have any plans for some more live shows now that you have the first under your belt?

Poppy: Yeah, I am not sure of any exact dates yet. I’d really love to get some more original stuff ready too, so I don’t end up playing a bunch of covers. I am going to Poland though in August. We get to play a quick set there, since there is a big list of other people who are playing. I think that’s August 1st to the 16th, so it’s pretty exciting, since it’s my first time out of the country.

LM: You’re headed over there with a few other YouTube personalities, right?

Poppy: Yeah I am headed over with Meekakitty, Nanalew and HeyHiHello. They are good friends with each other. I am staying with the guys from HeyHiHello’s house right now and they are friends with Meekakitty, so yeah. I am not sure about the whole list of people. I have to check again, but it was funny, they made a mistake a few days ago with my name and I was cracking up. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. My manager sent me a link to the list of people performing, I am looking over it and so I look to where my name is supposed to be and it says “Poopy”! It was so funny, I was like, “Are you kidding me!?” *laughs* My manager, Lori, was like, “You can have your own toilet paper line!” and I am like, “Thanks….” *laughs again*

LM: You are also going to be at VidCon in Anaheim in June, right?

Poppy: Yeah, hopefully I will be performing, but I am definitely going! Kina Grannis as well as a lot of other YouTube musicians are going to be there and I hear it’s bigger than Playlist as well. I heard the “Chocolate Rain” guy is going to be there (Tay Zonday) and I’m like, “Yes! I have heard so much about this guy!” I’ve seen his video. He’s awesome.