Moriah Rose Pereira (more known as her stage name and character, Poppy) is an American singer and actress.

Personal Life

Moriah was born in Whitman, Massachusetts[1]. She lived in Boston until she was about 14, and moved to Nashville. Her birthday is January 1st, 1995, she is 23 years old. She claims that she wanted to be a Rockette when she was younger and danced for several years. She grew up watching her father play drums in a rock band. She was inspired to become a singer after watching many shows. She initally met Titanic Sinclair after moving in with Debby Ryan in 2013. In 2015 she teamed up with Titanic to portray the character Poppy and started her professional music career from there.

Music Career


Moriah started a YouTube channel called "Moriah Popppy" and started uploading covers and original songs. She performed live at small venues like Playlist Live 2012-2013, Digifest, VidCon 2012, and others. This era's videos to this date have been deleted and/or privated and some have been lost and/or archived and/or found due to the Poppy project. If anyone tries to upload anything to sites such as YouTube related to Moriah, the video will most likely be taken down.

2014- Present

After bumping into Titanic Sinclair in Los Angeles, they later started the Poppy musical project. She later signed with Island Records and released her debut EP Bubblebath and two singles "Everybody Wants To Be Poppy" and "Adored". In late 2016, Moriah had either been fired from or left Island Records to create less modern sounding music. She created a label alongside with Titanic called "I'm Poppy Records" and later releasing a single called "I'm Poppy" and later collaborating with Mad Decent Records to help produce songs for her album "Poppy.Computer" and later signing with them. She has had some shows for Bubblebath EP (however the full tour was cancelled) and went on two tours for her debut album Poppy.Computer.


  • She has gone through many stage names such as Moriah Poppy, That Poppy, Poppy Chan and currently she uses just Poppy (in her YouTube videos) or Poppy Chan (in her show credits).
  • She supports the LGBTQ+ community.
  • She prefers dogs over cats.
  • She made an appearance in the Disney sitcom “Jessie”.
  • She has dyed her hair purple once.
  • She is 5'1 (154 cm).

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