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Poppy.Church is a website and interactive game created by Poppy. The site was created in May 2017[1], though it did not gain mass attention until February 2018.


Initially, the website allowed one to type in their name and phone number to make a reservation. They would then be sent a link via text message from the number (831)-777-6779, which read "Please click this link to confirm your POPPY.CHURCH reservation." Currently, the website displays a black pyramid rotating in the center of the screen. If one clicked the door icon on the bottom right before the "620" update, they would be taken to a screen where they could log in via e-mail, only if they had an account. As of the "620" update, one is able to sign up by clicking "Apply for membership at the church", and if one tries to log in, they will need to receive an email by clicking "Log in to Poppy.Church" and click the link through the email. This is always required; if one enters just their login key, they will see a splash screen that reads "No trespassing. You are being redirected back to an authorized area."

The church opened on August 8th, 2018 containing new features such as The Lobby, the Gallery, and the Theater.


If one chose to call the number in April 2018, they would receive a prerecorded message from Poppy herself, which said "Hi, it's me, Poppy! Are you ready for salvation? Poppy.Church is coming, are you ready? Hello?". If one chose to call the number in May 2018, they would hear Poppy saying "Are you ready to be saved? Are you ready for salvation?" followed by a distorted voice saying "3:36". In early June 2018, if one chose to call the number, they would hear what appeared to be a distorted conversation between Titanic Sinclair and Mars Argo, followed by Poppy saying "Are you ready to be saved?". In late June 2018, if one chose to call the number, they would hear distorted static as well as Poppy saying "hello?" once. As of July 2018, if one chooses to call the number, they will hear distorted voices along with echoing tones that become overlapped with what sounds like an electrocardiogram's beeping. This speeds up as the call goes on, eventually being overlapped with owl hooting sounds, static and loud knocking. This version of the call is the longest to date, being four minutes long in contrast to the previous calls being only 19 seconds long.


Prior to the the "620" update, "blessings" would be sent out to the people who signed up via text message or email every 3:36 PST. When one received their confirmation text/email, it would take them to a part of Poppy.Church. They would first see a video of Poppy titled "A Message To You From Poppy" regarding how the church works. Once the video ended, they were taken to a screen where they design a character. After designing a character, one would have to fill out a "pop quiz" consisting of various questions towards Poppy to themselves and the church. Afterwards, they had to draw their name in "blood" on a white rectangle and submit it. One would later be taken to "The Hole", or an application room review. If accepted into the church, they would be invited to create a room on Floor 1 and some whom are deemed "Guardians" received VIP rooms on Floor 1. If a member was in the hole, they would later ascend from the hole given time. Faith, dedication, loyalty and the website's logo (what this stood for is currently unknown) are measured on one's report based on one's responses. It is unknown how the meters increased, however it is speculated that it was based on one's social media.


Screenshot (4)

The Atrium is a chatroom in Poppy.Church outside of the church. One is free to visit and to chat with another member in the chat box. Every so often, Poppy herself comes into The Atrium. Unlike the other users' avatars, Poppy's avatar is a picture of herself and not an 8-bit figure. A character called "Them", who was originally thought to be They, has also been in the chat, being portrayed as an 8-bit white-cloaked figure. Every 3:36 PST, Them allegedly put a praying emoji to symbolize praying to Poppy. The ones whom have been deemed guardians have their own chat similar the Atrium called the "Guardian Tower". Them and They were later confirmed not to be the same people, and They was later portrayed as an 8-bit pink-cloaked figure.

The Lobby

The Lobby is another chatroom in Poppy.Church, it is similar The Atrium, but is blue with a white and blue checkered background. Below the chatbox contains a bulletin board which contains upcoming events for the church.

The Gallery

The Gallery is a location in Poppy.Church where one can submit their fanart to the church. New showings start at 8 PM EST each Wednesday.

The Theater

The Theater is a location in Poppy.Church. It is a stream of Poppy's YouTube videos on her Twitch channel. Each stream begins at 4:15 PST once a week. There is also a chatbox in the Theater similar to the Atrium's and the Lobby's. A test screening was held on on August 12th, 2018.

The Backpack

They have confirmed that "things for your backpack can be obtained around the Church or from others. For example, you may find a gift tomorrow from Them in your backpacks. There is also a shipment of things arriving later today which They may leave around the Church".


Strange Devices

IMG 3421

A "Strange Device" was placed in user's backpacks on July 9th, 2018 at 3:36 PST. The device contains a string of emojis and currently has no known purpose. If one tries to code in the strange device but enters the code incorrectly, it will make the church flash red. There are two strange devices: a receiver; and a decoder.


Journals were given to users on July 16th, 2018. They are available in red, green and blue and one is able to write in them. There are 30 reserved pages in the beginning of the journals which users cannot write in.

Removed Features

The Hand

Before, if one did not sign up for Poppy.Church before the current update, once every 336 seconds, a hand beckoned one on the bottom left corner. Once it was clicked, one was able to sign up for an account by entering a username, email, and phone number. This feature is no longer available.

The Calendar

The Calendar's purpose was relatively unknown. It was speculated by fans that it could have dates listed for important Poppy events such as release dates and tour dates.


If one entered "" on a PC web browser into the URL bar, they would see a line of text that changed periodically. This feature is no longer available.

Self Destructing

If one chose to self destruct on Poppy.Church, they would be transported to The Hole. If one decided to make this choice, after they had ascended from The Hole they would either have a consequence (eg, lower faith, dedication, loyalty) or a reward (eg, higher faith, dedication, loyalty). This feature has currently been removed as of the "620" update.


  • According to fans, during shows on the Poppy.Computer Tour Part 2, they had been handed cards with "Poppy.Church" written on them.[2]
  • Poppy allegedly called several fans in April 2018 asking if they were ready for Poppy.Church.
  • On June 26th, 2018 Poppy.Church had a lockdown.
    • When Them was asked upon if the church lockdowns were trying to get someone in/out, Them had replied with "The Church lockdown is not related to an attempted escape or entrance. It is a dead man's switch."
  • A feature called "Popcoins" are going to be added into the website in the future and will act as currency in the website.
  • People who had the site open on July 6th, 2018 at 9:36 PM PST were redirected to the Metal audio on YouTube when it was uploaded.
    • 9:36 PM PST is also the "blessings" time, which is when They give out points.
  • Any form of Mars Argo typed into the Atrium will be censored.
    • Moriah Pereira and Corey Mixter are censored words in the Atrium as well.
  • Poppy has stated that she expects Poppy.Church to become a religion soon.[3]
  • Members have claimed that they have found secret rooms.