1. Please provide sources for all and any information you find. Use the formatting as shown here to do this.
  2. Do not edit false information into any pages. Doing this will cause your account to be warned and then banned.
  3. Only create new pages if you are willing to fill it with information. We don't want titled but blank pages.
  4. If you find any videos that could be of use, please comment here with the link so they can be backed up
  5. Don't harass or bully other users.
  6. Don't troll.
  7. Don't cause any drama and/or bring personal issues with other users into this wiki
  8. Don't use explicit words when stating a summary of an edit and/or messaging someone on their message wall (please remember there are younger viewers on this wiki too!) Doing this will cause your account to be warned, if you do it again you will be banned.
  9. Don't vandalize (i.e, messing up pages and changing photos without permission)
  10. Have fun :)

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