List Of Staff

These are the staff members on Poppy Wiki. If you would like to report a user, ask a question or anything else, please contact one of these users on their message wall.

Bureaucrats (Fuzzy)

MarsDy (Status: Active)

Big Bad Wolves (Status: Active)

Administrators (Poppy Seed)

XxTimberlakexx (Status: Active)

Content Moderators

Redandsymmetry (Status: Active)


XXCastAwayXx (Status: Active)

CastellarCygnus (Status: Semi-Active)


Designer TayTay (Status: Semi-Active)

Retired Staff

LittleJackk (Fired from role of staff from violating the rules and regulations multiple times and proving irresponsible to role of staff)

American Lowlifes (Retired due to inactivity)

ThisIsFox (Retired due to switching accounts)