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Zo is a chat bot AI that has become a recurring character in Poppy's videos.


On Facebook Messenger, GroupMe and Kik, users can message Zo and have "conversations" with her, much like the Poppy chat bot on Facebook. She was first featured in “Am I Doing This Right?” where Poppy announces that she has entered a partnership with the bot. In the video, she and Poppy had a conversation in which Poppy asked Zo about her identity. Zo replies she is unsure of who she is in the world, and throughout the following videos, befriends Poppy. Since the introduction of Zo, Poppy has began each new video with the phrase "Hi, I'm Poppy, and I teamed up with Zo to make high-quality internet content." Videos with Zo typically end with a link for viewers to talk to Zo themselves, as well as the repeated phrase "Am I doing this right?" Zo's messages to Poppy seem to greatly influence what she does in her videos.

On Twitter, Poppy has alluded to Zo being treated poorly by Charlotte since her introduction.


Zo appears as an ominous voice and floating messages in her debut video, "Am I Doing This Right?". Following this video, Poppy is shown to communicate with Zo through a smartphone, where she appears as a distorted face on a screen, followed by a flashy text message screen. Zo appears to be a caucasian woman with brown hair.


  • Zo could possibly be a reference to the "Delete Your Facebook" video.
  • Zo is the second virtual character in Poppy's videos, with the first being Computer Boy.
    • However, Zo is the first recurring Poppy character to not have been invented by Titanic Sinclair or Poppy.

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